Premier Academy

Junior Academy – U8-U10 & Senior Academy – U11-U18

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GOSA is partners with USA Club, Stetson SC, SAY & Professional clubs from Europe. GOSA’s Premier Academy participates in these soccer events and more.

  • State Cup

  • Region Cup

  • Tournaments

  • FSPL

  • GCF

  • Super Y

  • President Cup

  • College ID & Professional Camps

  • International Tournaments – Mexico, South America & Europe

The Premier Academy program is an essential factor in our clubs growing success. It provides us with the opportunity to compete at the state level. As coaches and educators, we are aware of the importance in continuing a solid foundation for all our young players that are looking for a higher commitment to the game of soccer.


All players are required to attend a minimum of two to three soccer practices per week.

To be a part of this program, every player goes through an annual tryout process in the month of April/May for the following annual season. Players are selected onto teams based on their appropriate skill level and in some instances are double rostered onto teams within their appropriate age groups to accommodate the growth of development. Our goal in this process is not turn away any child that is willing to be a part of this program. As we have our Skill development Program for those players that do not make a team.

Professional Staff

All the training is done by our Professional Training staff.

Each team will be assigned a professional trainer, however our Academy program is design to train physical, technical, tactical, and psychological aspect of the game of soccer. Therefore there will be more than one trainer impacting each player’s development.

Teams will be formed in accordance to the player’s talent and soccer skills rather than age and size. GOSA believes players develop at a different paste; therefore they will be placed where they can perform and compete following FYSA rules and any governing soccer entity.

Leagues & Tournaments

The Premier teams participate in the State Cup, Presidents Cup, Commissioners Cup, Local, State and Country wide Tournaments, FSPL, GCF, International Tournaments including Mexico, South America & Europe.

All Ages

Uniform Click Here (Mandatory for ALL team players)
Tryouts May 7th – 10th (Click here for more information)
Premier Season Begins/Ends AUGUST/MAY
Practice Frequency 2-3 SESSIONS PER WEEK
Mid-Year Break JUNE/JULY, DEC 23-28

Premier Academy & Team Expense Breakdown

The table below is for illustration purposes in helping understand who is responsible for paying what expenses.

Academy Team Expense
FYSA & US Club player registration & insurance
Got soccer program registration fees
Background checks
Coaching salary & Coaching uniforms
Primary League* registration (Fall & Spring)
Primary League* game officials & referees (Fall & Spring)
Primary League* game assignment fees (Fall & Spring)
State, Presidents or Commissioner Cup entry fees
Field maintenance
Field rental expenses
Field equipment (nets, goals, training aids, etc.)
Coaches per diem (Traveling 35 miles or more)
Player training and game uniforms
Additional league fees (scrimmage referee fees, travel costs, additional player pass fees if needed, etc)
Tournaments – all fees associated with tournament participation
Travel – all costs associated with team travel to include gas, rental vehicles, flights, etc.
Team parties and off season practices/scrimmages
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