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GOSA Style of Soccer

It is important to have a shared vision and a desired style of play that provides identity. Our training program focus on the long-term goal of teaching a trade mark of control possession-oriented soccer that would be effective, appealing and joyful to any discerning soccer enthusiast.

There are 7 key aspects that define our style of play:


Player development is all about the training program!

GOSA not only focus in the soccer aspects of the game, but more important we want to educate through sport according to ethical rules therefore we teach and emphasize to our players the four Sport Ethics that an athlete should live by; Respect, Honesty, Responsibility and Benevolence, so that we can form citizens that one day can contribute and have a positive impact in our society.

GOSA curriculum focus on the 5 main components of the game:

  • Physical

  • Technical

  • Tactical

  • Psychological

  • Theory and Nutrition

Vision and Mission


GOSA was founded to foster the physical, mental, and emotional growth and development of youth in the Orlando and surrounding cities through the sport of competitive soccer. Our vision has been to offer the community a soccer development academy that can be call home where we can teach, encourage and provide children the opportunity to enjoy the sport of soccer, develop their full potential as players and exhibit good sportsmanship at all times as individuals to contribute and impact the future in our society in a positive way.

Mission and Core Values

GOSA feels responsible for the future of our children and believe that the sport is a tool that can help educate and prepare players with good character and moral ethics such as Respect, Honesty, Responsibility and Benevolence. We believe that our players one day would represent our community and make great contribution to society, therefore our responsibility as educators to guide them, prepare them, teach those moral values, leadership’s skills, and be a role model to the children. GOSA knows that this is a great task to accomplish and will make every effort and sacrifice possible from our behalf to contribute to this mission. GOD willing GOSA can impact the lives of many children in a positive way through the game of soccer.

GOSA invites you to partner with us and make a difference, to carry on with this mission and vision.


  1. Promote soccer in the area while catering for the social and competitive needs of our members
  2. Provide opportunities for all participants to develop to their full potential.
  3. Ensure a safe and supportive environment to all our members.
  4. Be inclusive of all and to be aware of the diversity of our community.
  5. Play the game with spirit and in a fair and sporting way.
  6. To make our priority the benefit for the children.
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